March 17, 2020

To Our Valued Tradespeople,

As we try to navigate through these unprecedented times, we would like to let you know that we are trying to manage this to the best of our abilities. All we can do is stay vigilant and please follow all the recommendations of the cdc. We have attached a link that walks you through these steps. Please if you are not feeling well, stay home. Wash your hands often, keep 6’ of distance from each other when possible and if you need to cough or sneeze, please do so into your arm. Please click the link below to give it a read so we can help prevent this from spreading and becoming worse than it already is.

We will keep all sites open and available to work on. We are keeping a close eye on all global and national authorities websites to ensure we are taking the appropriate measures to keep this Pandemic contained to the best of our ability and will be adjusting our precautions accordingly. The link below should allow you to access any information regarding this virus that you could want.

We have proactively contacted our financial institutions, quantitative surveyors and lawyers to discuss processing of funds. We are expecting delays in processing mortgage based on the responses. We will do our best to keep as close to payment terms as we can within our control. Please have  a discussion with your suppliers in regards to this as there may be a delay in payment processing economy wide.

If we need to take drastic measures we will notify you but for now this seems to be the best direction to go, is to inform everyone and ensure everyone is taking the appropriate precautions. Your patience and understanding as we adapt our business to this situation is greatly appreciated.


Avana Enterprises Management

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